4 Reason to Donate Art Supplies to Foster Kids

Many people fail to realize the multitude of different donations they could make in order to make a huge impact on the life of foster children. Art supplies are one of those overlooked items. Why are these seemingly unimportant supplies so, well, important? Here are just four reasons to donate them to foster kids.

Two children using art supplies to paint
Two children using art supplies for painting

1: Art is Therapeutic

Art is incredibly therapeutic. This is important because many foster kids are overcoming abuse, neglect, loss, and other things which young children should never be forced to deal with. By giving them an easy way to express their emotions nonverbally, the children are given a healthy coping strategy.


2: An Affordable Donation

Art supplies are very affordable. This makes them a perfect choice for lower-income families wishing to make a difference. Five boxes of crayons or colored pencils could cost $5. For only $10, donators could also supply between five and ten coloring books. As a bonus, donations to non-profit organizations are always tax deductible.

3: Art Supplies Offer Diverse Usage

Art is something which can be enjoyed by children of a wide age range, unlike certain other donations which are more age-specific (like personal care products or clothing). Younger children can use drawing, painting, and coloring to develop better hand-eye coordination. Older children are afforded the possibility of honing their artistic skills – an even more important skill for those naturally talented!

4: Art is Fun

Simply put, art affords children in foster care the ability to have fun and enjoy themselves. When they have already lost so much, it is vital to enable them to have enjoyment in their lives. The ability to have fun can significantly help with the transitions they are facing, and offer them a much brighter future!

Learn More About Donating Art Supplies

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