Bring the Joy of Music to a Foster Child

Music matters. We listen to music in times of trouble and turn it up at celebrations. For many young people, making music is a creative outlet that allows them to express themselves and connect with others. Instruments can be difficult to acquire and keep, especially for a child whose home life is disrupted. You can make a difference in a child’s life by donating an instrument. Read on for more information on the kinds of instruments and supplies you can donate to foster children.

Popular Instruments

One of the most powerful ways to make music is to make it together. Instruments like guitars and pianos are popular with children because they can be used to form a rock band. These instruments are also great donations because they can be easily maintained and shared among children.

If you’re thinking about donating a guitar, don’t overlook bass guitars and electric guitars as an option. These electric instruments can be plugged in to headphones so that children can practice without disturbing others, and the lighter strings are easier for beginning players to press. Whichever kind of guitar you have, it is helpful to make sure the strings are in good working order before making your donation. Electric pianos and keyboards are easy to play and usually come programmed with a variety of sounds, songs, and accompaniments.

Younger children especially appreciate keyboards because making a sound is as easy as pressing a button and the piano is much friendly for little fingers than a full-sized guitar.

Orchestral Instruments

Many of our own family members began learning an instrument in school but no longer play. Those instruments make fantastic donations for our youth who may have had their own music education disrupted when they were displaced from their biological family. Smaller brass instruments, like the trumpet, are great donations because they are easy to store and assemble. Additionally, many students begin on trumpet in school before moving on to larger or more complex brass instruments.

When donating a brass instrument, double-check that there is a mouthpiece in the case. Woodwinds like the flute and clarinet are even easier to store, but do tend to be more delicate. If possible, have a repair person at your local music store look over the instrument for some basic repairs, like replacing the pads or cork, before donating. If you don’t have an instrument to donate or are worried that you don’t have all the parts, you can still help with smaller donations of music supplies.

Music Supplies

Instruments require cleaning and care, and these supplies are valuable donations. If you would like to support young musicians in our care but don’t have an instrument to donate, consider donating guitar strings, guitar tuners, neckstraps, picks, amps, or other accessories. Keyboard stands and sheet music make playing the piano much more fun. For orchestra’s instruments, consider donating a mouthpiece (ask your local music store for student-level models), cork grease, swabs, ligatures, and reeds. Every musician could use a basic folding wire music stand as well.


Everything from electric guitars to sheet music is vital for bringing music into the lives of our young people. Do you have questions about what we most need right now? Please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!