Children Helping Children: How Kids Can Donate to Foster Care

Philanthropy is good for all ages. When you teach your children about giving, you help them to become more compassionate. That way they can help others and enjoy more happiness themselves. While there are many ways to give, children helping children is a cause that many will rally around. One way to get started is donating goods to foster children and families.

Benefits of Getting Your Kids Involved:

Children helping by giving teddy bear to another foster child
Little girl happy to have a teddy bear.

Donating goods can be an economics lesson. Even children too young to count money can enjoy giving personal products, food, and other items. They can gain a sense of how much things cost. Children can also make personal connections by writing notes and picking out their favorite brands to share. Most importantly, they’ll get an early start that will help them to make philanthropy a lifelong habit.

How Your Kids Can Participate:

You can support foster families on any scale that works for you, whether it’s your family or a single class or an entire school or church group. At home, your kids can save part of their allowance or birthday gifts to purchase goods to donate. For a larger group, you may want to organize a whole campaign with printed materials kids can discuss with their parents and a specific start and end date. Either way, incorporate age appropriate and positive messages about foster care. Help children research the root issues, suggest articles and books about the subject, and share what you’re doing on social media.

When you’re done, make your giving memorable by throwing a party or hosting an outing to reinforce the good feelings and help kids look forward to the next giving opportunity.

Learn More About Children Helping Through Donations

You and your children can make a difference by working with TFI Kids Fund. Contact us to see how your gift supports family foster care services and other innovative programs to strengthen families.