Should I Donate That? Tips to Tell If Used Items Are Okay for Donation

Should I Donate That? Tips to Tell if Used Items are Okay for Donation

You want to go through your family’s old clothes, your children’s old toys, and your pantry to help the foster children living in your community. As you rummage through items, you can’t help but wonder which items are truly okay to be donated. The information below can help ease this confusion and give you a better idea of what used items are okay for donation.

Used Clothing for Donation

Used clothing can make a great donation item, but you want to ensure the items you intend to donate are free of rips, tears, holes, or stains. Undergarments that have been used are not appropriate for donation.


Toys that are still in working condition and are no more than gently played with are perfect for the children living in foster care. Avoid any items that are broken, severely scuffed, stained, mildewed, or otherwise seem unfit for children to play with.


All food donations for foster children should be within date and have a long shelf life. Refrigerated or frozen foods cannot be donated unless you call ahead to receive special permission (and this is rare). All food should be unopened and cans or boxes should be mostly free of dents. The freshness seals on all food items should still be intact.

Art Supplies

Art supplies that haven’t yet been opened or used are always welcome. Coloring books that have been barely used can be donated after the used pages have been carefully removed. Donate items like crayons, colored pencils, and markers if they still work. Any paper supplies should be free of drawings or scribbles. Folders, rulers, and similar items should be free of marks.

Find More Used Items That Are Okay for Donation

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