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A Special Day For Olivia

Mr. and Mrs. Cruz accepted placement of a male infant who was 1 month old at the time of placement. The baby boy was hospitalized for subdural hematoma, rib and femur fractures, and retinal hemorrhages. The worker feels as though God knew this little boy needed the Cruz family. The Cruz family had previously had a full house and could not accept placement. The day the baby was discharged from the hospital was the same day the Cruz family had an opening. Within hours of the Cruz family having an opening, Ms. Cruz was on her way to the hospital to get the baby. When Intake contacted the worker about this little boy, she immediately thought of the Cruz family, as Ms. Cruz is a nurse and does very well with infants. Ms. Cruz informed the worker recently that it is unlikely the baby will function normally. He may not walk or speak, and if he does it will be very limited. She also informed the worker that his eyesight was damaged due to the abuse and it is uncertain if he will gain his eyesight back. The Cruz family has taken the child to appointments with neurologists, endocrinologists, orthopedic appointments, and other service providers. Ms. Cruz will have to do daily physical therapy with the child due to issues with his leg. The child also may require neurosurgery, as the swelling in his brain has resulted in shifts in the skull plates. As the swelling in his brain goes down, the plates in his skull are overlapping each other more and more. The doctors may try massage-therapy to rearrange the plates, but he may eventually need brain surgery to correct the problem. The baby is on medication as well to help manage seizures.  Even with all this, the Cruz family is dedicated to continue to provide love and care for this child. 

Tasha Blue is a single foster parent with two jobs. When Tasha "signed up" to foster, she started out wanting only one placement between ages 3 and 9 years. She recently took placement of four boys ages 8, 10, 10, and 10. All four boys came from another TFI home where they had been placed together for no less than 7 months. These boys had developed a bond like brothers. Though only two of these children were related, Tasha accepted placement of all four to keep these together and lessen the trauma of losing those connections. She is always organized and on point with what she needs, what the children need, and getting it all done. She has proven herself to be a true treasure to the TFI team.

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Sitting atop the judge’s bench in the court room, Olivia* banged the gavel on the desk and gave a big 3-year-old smile to her new adoptive forever family across the court room. Also in attendance was her 7-year-old half-brother Sammy*, who sat in the audience with his soon to be forever family. Just two years ago, Olivia and Sammy had been living with their biological mother, often left alone to care for themselves. When the siblings were found alone, 5-year-old Sammy had been acting on protective impulse, trying to feed 8-month-old Olivia with a bottle of old milk. Now they would both be adopted by loving, caring families.

For Olivia, she was inheriting two 18-year old twins as siblings and her paternal great aunt and uncle as parents. They had served as her foster family for the last few years.

“She’s blossoming in her adoptive home,” TFI family support worker Stephanie (Bambi) Swayze said. “Olivia is very well bonded with her forever family and talking up a storm. She’s the princess of the house and she knows it.”

On the day of the adoption, her brother Sammy and his whole forever family came to watch Olivia’s adoption. Sammy had drawn Olivia a picture of the two of them holding hands, with a golden road linking their forever family’s houses. In a few short months, Olivia’s family would plan to return to the court room to watch Sammy’s adoption finalization with his forever family. Both families beamed with happiness and excitement as they took photos with their children and the judge afterwards. With both adoptive families so involved, Olivia and Sammy have every chance of staying connected.

“Olivia was a baby when this all started,” TFI reintegration supervisor Lu Cinda Johnson said. “We watched these kiddos go through a great deal of difficulty in the last few years. We had to have goodbye visits, we had to explain why mom wasn’t going to be around. There was a lot of stress, a lot of heartache involved. But then you have a day like the adoption day and you just get why you do this work, this makes it all worth doing.  It was great to have a happy ending.”

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