3 Reasons to Mentor a Foster Child

Becoming a mentor to a foster child means spending one-on-one time with them. You will become a vital part of guiding the child or teenager towards adulthood. Perhaps, even more important, is that mentors assist children in healing from those people or events that placed them in the foster care system.

Still unsure if mentoring is the right way for you to make a difference? Here are three reasons you might want to mentor a foster child:

1: You Restore Their Faith in Adults

The children in foster care have often developed mistrust and a lack of faith in adults. Not always, but usually it was an adult who placed them in the circumstances which placed them in foster care. These children have been the victims of neglect, assault, avoidable poverty, and abuse in all forms – physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual.

It is understandable, considering all they have been through, that they feel uneasy or even resentful. By serving as their mentor and developing a healthy adult-child relationship with them, you can help to slowly restore their faith in adults.

Female foster parent helping mentor her foster child by helping with homework.
Helping a foster child with homework.

2: The Difference You Make is Unimaginable

You will see the progress your foster child makes during the mentoring process. However,  you can never imagine the vast difference you truly make in their lives. You serve as a teacher, friend, and source of confidence. This will be carried forward into adulthood, where they are given a better chance at living a healthy, productive life.

3: It Makes You & Them Feel Great

Being a mentor will make you feel great, period. It feels good to know you are making a big difference in the life of a child who has, thus far, had difficulties. The benefits of a mentorship are not only for the child, but also for the person volunteering their time and effort.

Learn More About Becoming a Mentor to a Foster Child

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