Supporting Foster Children and Families With Your Employee Giving Program

Using your employee giving program to help foster children and families can help you to strengthen your community and increase employee satisfaction. See how you can get involved.

Engage Your Employees

There are many ways for your employees to contribute. The children and families we work with have an ongoing need for all kinds of items. This includes health and beauty products, food, household goods, musical instruments, art supplies, and play therapy materials. You could set up a series of collection drives where employees can bring in items they want to donate. Alternatively, you can give them a budget to shop online. For a personal touch, put out some note cards in your break room where employees can hand write an uplifting message to go along with their gift.

Mother and daughter donate clothing to charity using employee giving program
Donating to foster children.

Provide Opportunities for Greater Involvement

For individual employees who want to do more, we’re always looking for enthusiastic candidates for our mentorship services. It’s a rewarding way to help youths build confidence and learn critical life skills. For people who want to go even further, it could be the first step to exploring becoming a foster parent themselves.

Support a Worthy Cause 

It can be difficult to find a social cause that will have broad appeal for employees with different backgrounds and interests. Reaching out to vulnerable children and strengthening families is one issue that most people are happy to rally around. aiding this cause can make them feel more positive about their jobs. That’s especially true when you can offer multiple ways to get involved besides writing a check. Plus, it’s likely to make sense in terms of the mission of many corporations.

Learn More About Supporting Foster Children and Families With Your Employee Giving Program

The TFI Kids Fund supports foster care services for children and families in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Contact us today to find out more about how you and your company can work with us to make a difference one child at a time.