Teach Your Children About The Joys of Giving by Donating to Foster Children

Volunteers collecting donations
Volunteers collecting donations

There are a few character traits that all parents want to bestow upon their children. Kindness, compassion, and charity are among the highest because they create a truly nice person. One way you can help teach your children about the joys of giving is by donating to foster children in need. Here are a few ideas on how to get your children to help foster kids and develop a love of giving in the process.

Idea #1: Give to Get

A popular idea that has circulated on social media in recent years is the “give to get” basket. Before Christmas, Easter, or birthdays (when children typically get presents), have your child fill a small basket with toys they no longer use. Then you can donate the ones in good condition to local foster families. It’s a win-win situation, because this also helps to make room for new toys.

Idea #2: I Will if You Will

Children like doing things with their parents, and most kids also enjoy the idea of competitions. Tell your child that for every one thing they donate of theirs, you will donate one of yours. This also means double the assistance for foster children!

Idea #3: Skipping Presents

Instead of having people bring gifts to your child’s next birthday, ask them to bring donations instead. Share a short list of items you’d like to donate, and ask them to pick a small item from the list for foster children in need. Then, you can offer your child a fun activity or one large present from their parents instead.

Learn More About Donating to Foster Children

It is always a wonderful idea to start teaching the joys of giving early. Children as young as preschool-age understand the idea behind giving and receiving. If you start them early enough, you will create a strong, lasting foundation for charity. For more information on how you can help foster children and the families who care for them, contact us today.