Teaching Your Child the Joy of Giving on Their Birthday

Teaching Your Child the Joy of Giving on Their Birthday

On their birthday, your child undoubtedly receives plenty of gifts. Depending on the age of the child, this might include toys, art supplies, clothing, money, or something else. On this special day, parents can teach their children about the joys of giving and receiving by having their child donate to foster children in need. There are several different ways parents can do this, discussed below. Remember that it is always to start these traditions as early as possible!

Option #1: One for One

One popular method is to have your child donate one piece of older clothing (in good condition) and/or one older toy for each new one they receive. This doesn’t only teach the child about the joys of giving to those in need, but it can also help keep the clutter around the house under control.

Option #2: 10% Rule

Older children often get more money than actual gifts. This second method has parents encourage their children to use 10% of the money they received for their birthday to purchase clothes and/or food for foster children in need. 10% is a very small amount but can end up going a long way if parents assist their children with smart shopping.

Option #3: Donations for Party Gifts

A final option is for children to opt to receive donations from their party guests instead of gifts for themselves. The children will still receive gifts or money from close relatives, but the friends, neighbors, and family friends who attend their party can bring donations. The child can even create a wish list of items they hope to receive for foster children in need, which makes them feel even more involved in the process.


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