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Heart of Gold Fund

The average cost of a foster care child in Kansas is $25,780 per year.  Foster families receive a VERY modest stipend to take care of these children and do so because they have Hearts of Gold.  If you would like to become a Heart of Gold child sponsor your donation of $10,000 will go to support a child living in foster care for one year.  TOGETHER we can help ease the suffering of the children living in out of home placement.  

KIDS4Kids Fund...$5, $10, $25, $50, $100 per month

Growing up without a family or in a family constantly in distress is a common theme among the children living in foster care.  Our KIDS4Kids program is a way for children to help other children by donating to our monthly giving program.  You and/or your child can participate with a monthly donation of whatever amount you and your family decide.  Every donation makes a big difference in the life of a child living in foster care. 

BREAKING NEWS!  We are kicking off a new giving fund opportunity!  Help us support our annual Foster Care Parent Engagement Retreats with a scholarship of $300 for a family of four to attend one of our three annual events!  (More information is available on our News page!)

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Matching Gift for 
Scholarship Fund
.......Every $1 = $2

Children living in foster care are the most vulnerable children we have in Kansas.  These children leave everything they know to be stable and move through a system of uncertainty and distress.  In an effort to help stabilize the lives of these children, we encourage our foster care families to provide children with normal childhood activities and participation in social school events.  However, there are no funds available to help support our foster care families in this effort.  The fees for school and sports participation is on average more than $1,000 per year.  Our scholarship fund will provide school fees, sports fees, sporting equipment, transportation fees, musical instruments and art equipment.  This wonderful opportunity is made possible by a matching gift from one of our loyal friends.  Any amount you give will help and will be matched - up to $25,000.  

We Need You As Part Of Our Family....

Thank you for all that you do to help us help children - one child at a time.

Healing Fund.................$500

Grief - depression, tears, and overwhelming sadness can take a huge toll on children who have experienced mental or emotional trauma.  At our TFI/Pathways psychiatric residential program children and their families are provided with a variety of structure, supports and therapies individualized to their own needs.  Including:  Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, animal-Assisted Therapy, Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports Psychosocial groups, Play therapy (for our younger children and Substance Abuse Assessments and Treatment and Thinkng for Change (T4C) groups (for youth 13 and older) all in a safe and supportive environment to support these children as they heal.  Please help support a child by sponsoring a child's participation in one of our TFI/Pathways programs by your donation of $500.

A Giving Fund to support TFI's Family of Companies

Devoted to the Strength of Family

Children's Greatest Needs 

When children have to be removed from an unsuitable or abusive home, they come to TFI Family Services with nothing - only the clothes they are wearing.  In these emergency situations, we need to be ale to help each child and provide basic clothing, toiletries, medical and dental assistance they may need.  We have to be ready to respond to the plight of these children.  Please help us by donating to our Children's Greatest Need Fund.