But Why Should I Donate? To Write Hope Into a Child’s Narrative!

julia is happy due to the items people donate to foster care

Imagine Julia. This morning she groggily woke up to morning sounds we all know so well. A songbird melodically ushered in the morning. Wind blew about the grass. Cars blared at one another as they passed overhead.  Footsteps passed somewhere close…too close.  Someone unknown rattles her box and laughs menacingly. Julia curled into a tight ball and closed her eyes, desperately wishing her story be different. It could be with your help whether you foster or donate.

Foster Children Don’t Have Much

Too many children hunker down in boxes each night because no one is there to care for them or the streets are safer than the drama playing out at home. But what happens after child protective services intervene…what then? Every day, the news broadcasts horrific stories about what can happen to a child in foster care.

But what if these stories were different? What if we could hold these families together instead of letting them be ripped apart? What if we could support children in difficult times to positively process what is going on and reduce the long-term psychological effects of trauma?

TFI Is Here to Help

We here at TFI specialize in helping children write a more hopeful life narrative by tending those who have been removed from their caregivers for one incredibly sad reason or another. To that end, we guide kids like Julia through our family foster care, case management, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, Teens Reaching Adult Independent Living (TRAIL) program, and an array of psychological services.


You can help write hope into a child’s story! Many folks envision donating as something done with their checkbook. While monetary donations will never be turned down, we have also posted here previously about many of the things that can vastly improve a child’s day. Remember:

  • Health and beauty items for children living in our TRAIL programs
  • Food for the kids living in our TRAIL programs
  • Household items
  • Musical instruments
  • Art supplies
  • Toys for play therapy
  • Mentors!

Find More to Donate to Foster Children

You can help write hope into a child’s life in these ways…and many others! Help us keep the doors open in our residential programs so Julia has four walls that won’t rattle, a hot meal, and the care and support she so desperately needs. Help us support foster families as they work to care for children who would otherwise sleep in a box on the street. You will affect more lives than you could ever know!

Contact us for more information about the site nearest you and their greatest need at the moment!