5 Unique Foster Care Donations that Don’t Break the Bank

So you want to help your local foster care center. Great! If you’re a first time donor, you may be asking yourself these questions: What should I donate? What items do foster care centers need? What can I donate if I don’t have a lot of money to spare? Here are some unusual, but needed foster care donations you can make without spending money.

5 Unique Foster Care Donations that Don't Break the Bank

1. Time

Do you have spare time during the week? If so, consider becoming a volunteer or mentor at a foster care center! Whether it’s sorting supplies, assisting with everyday duties, or even leading a workshop for children to learn a special skill, there is always something you can do to help. The best part? You don’t need money to help! Just show up, help out, and watch as your foster care donations of time transform children’s lives!

2. Forgotten Household Items

Lots of people think to donate clothing, toys, or food, but you may have a few useful items lying around your house that a foster care center desperately needs. Have suitcases, backpacks, or bags? Donate them so that kids in foster care have a way to carry their belongings! Have a spare set of flatware or pots and pans? Foster care centers feed a lot of mouths and could use the extra dishes. Household items are a great way to ensure that your donation will be put to good use.

3. Specialty Clothing

You may not think that your old prom dress or formal suit would be useful, but think again! Older children in foster care often go without clothes for special events like prom, homecoming dances, or graduation. That old suit could even help a teen succeed at a job interview! Before you donate those old clothes, give the care center a call and see if they have any need for them!

4. Entertainment for Tweens and Teens

Donating old baby and toddler toys is a great idea, but don’t forget about the older children! Action figures, young adult books and movies, board games or handheld games, bikes, journals, old cameras, and electronics; all of these would be a welcome addition to your donation.

5.  Food

Are you a good cook or baker? Consider donating your skills! You could offer to cater a special event, bake birthday cakes or Christmas cookies, or just show up to help with the dinner rush. It’s a bonus if you know how to cook for people with dietary needs! If you can pack a lunchbox, you can help a kid in need.

There’s a myriad of ways you can help the foster care system without breaking the bank. Contact the TFI Kids Fund to ask what you can do to help out.