4 Steps to Declutter Your Home & Make A Difference in the Lives of Foster Children

girl trying to declutter house by donating toys
Shot of a young girl playing with toys in a room

Has your home accumulated clutter over the years that you would love to get rid of, but just haven’t figured out what to do with it? Why not go forward with that decluttering and make a difference while you’re at it? A lot of that “clutter” can go towards making a very big difference in the lives of foster children. So, ready to find out how to get started? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Pantry

The first place to start is the most obvious when making donations – your pantry. Certain items can pile up without getting used, and a lot of those don’t expire for years. Make some room for the food you’ll actually eat, and donate what you want to¬†foster families. Common donations include food that is boxed, canned, or jarred.

Step 2: Bedroom Closets

Kids outgrow clothes fast, and adults accumulate stuff that never gets worn. Indeed, that can make even the largest closets look cramped. Thus, go through all your family’s closets and bag up any clothes or shoes that you:

  • Don’t wear anymore
  • Have outgrown
  • Were gifts you knew you were never going to wear

Step 3: Toy Boxes

Take a look in your children’s toy boxes for any toys that are in good condition that they don’t play with. In fact, a lot of parents will find toys that were never even opened after big holidays!

Step 4: Art Areas

The final step in your quest to declutter and make a difference simultaneously is any art or craft storage areas. If you have any supplies which haven’t been opened, go ahead and donate them. This could include crayons, markers, coloring pencils, coloring books, construction paper, pens, notebooks, etc.

Find More Ways to Declutter Your Home

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