Dillons Community Rewards Program: Easy Ways to Make a Difference

Many times children are displaced from their biological homes without their fault. Children placed out of home care are prone to challenges such as violence, abuse, lack of basic needs, etc. Organizations such as TFI Kids have developed programs to provide home care and support for such kids. The organization provides charity to kids in Kansas, but it’s also extending to Nebraska and Oklahoma.  Sustaining the needs of these children requires financial support from the community. We believe you can be among those who make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable kids. You can do it by making donations through the Dillons Community Rewards Program. Here’s how to:

Dillons Community Rewards Program: Easy Ways to Make a Difference

Making donations to TFI Kids through Dillons Community rewards

Dillons Community Rewards has simplified donations to local charity organizations. You can raise funds for TFI through everyday shopping. First, you need to link your card to TFI Kids, shop at Dillons, then swipe your card. It seems so simple, right? Let’s look at how it works.

Step 1. Create a digital account

To be a participant in Dillons Community Rewards, you need to have a digital account. After opening such an account, link it to your Shoppers Card so that all the transactions you’ll carry out will apply to that account.

Step 2. Link your card to the TFI Kids organization

Here’s how you can link the TFI Kids organization to your digital account:

1.    Sign in to your account.
2.    Search for the name of the charity organization you’d wish to support, that is TFI Kids.
3.    Enter the NPO number of TFI Kids.
4.    After selecting TFI Kids from the list of organizations, click save.

After following the above procedures, TFI Kids will appear on your digital account’s Dillons Community Rewards section.

Step 3. TFI Kids will receive donations

Following the above steps, all transactions with your Shoppers Card henceforth will apply to TFI Kids without extra costs to you. Dillons donates annually to charitable organizations based on your percentage of spending related to total spending associated with all Dillons Community Rewards Organizations.

Rise today and be counted among those who’ll improve the lives of vulnerable kids through donations. Dillons, the Community Rewards program, has simplified the process. All you need to have is a digital account and link our organization to it. Thank you for choosing to stand with TFI KidsContact us for more information on how you can make a difference in the lives of foster children.