Purge Your Craft Space: Donate Art Supplies to Foster Children

If you’re like a lot of crafters, you need to purge your craft space before you can even think about organizing it. What will you do with the materials that you no longer need? One easy and generous solution is to donate those art supplies to foster children.

There are many good reasons to upgrade your craft area. That’s true whether it’s an entire room or shed or just a portable station you park on your dining room table or living room floor when needed. Freeing up room will help you find things faster, and protect your supplies from damage. Best of all, you’ll probably feel more creative when you have more space to move around and engage your artistic vision.

Take a look at how the things you need to let go of can help children who are dealing with a very challenging situation:

art supplies
A boy coloring with art supplies.

Improve self-esteem and academic performance:

Studies back up the theory that arts programs can help foster children to build skills and do better in school. For example, a three year evaluation by Central Michigan University found that foster children who participated in a regular arts program received higher self and teacher assessment scores, improved their attendance, and reduced their rates of school disciplinary actions. The researchers attributed this in part to increased opportunities for self-expression and reflection.

Have fun:

While your leftover drawing supplies and beads may improve a child’s future, they can also help them to enjoy life more right now. Another benefit of art activities is that they give foster children a chance to have the same experiences as children in a more stable environment.

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