Donate Your Child’s Old Musical Instruments to Foster Children and Foster Families

Little girl playing musical instrument in band practice.
Little girl playing flute in band practice.

Is there at least one musical instrument that no one ever uses anymore lying around your house? Many parents would have to answer that question in the affirmative. If your child’s love for the tuba didn’t last long, you’re not alone. Consider why donating those old instruments to foster children and families may be your best option.

Cultivate Your Child’s Cultural Interests

Something is better than nothing in most cases, but this is an exception to the rule. Pressuring a child to keep practicing an instrument they don’t want to play is likely to backfire. Instead of reigniting their original enthusiasm, they may resent your efforts and develop negative associations with that flute or cello. The unpleasant experience could wind up making them shrink away from cultural activities, and it probably won’t help your relationship with your son or daughter.

Free up Storage Space

Many musical instruments are heavy and unwieldy. There are headaches ahead if you’re planning to store them at your home or in a storage facility. At home they take up space you probably want for other things. At a storage facility, they’re costing you money each month. Either way, you’ll often be disappointed in the end when you find out they’re damaged because the storage conditions weren’t appropriate or no one ever comes along who wants to put them to good use.

Enjoy the Satisfaction of Giving to Children in Need

Now, for the good news. Donate your old musical instruments to foster children and families. You’ll be creating a happy and enriching experience for a vulnerable child and you may make your own child happier too.

Find More Musical Instruments to Donate to Foster Children

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