Donate Play Therapy Supplies to Help Children Heal

Donate Play Therapy Supplies And Help Children Heal
A young boy enjoys his play therapy supplies while with his therapist at home.

It’s no surprise that children in the foster care system struggle to deal with past trauma. The grief they face from loss or abandonment can cause attachment issues. Thus, making it hard for them to navigate into adolescence, and impede their relationships with foster families. Play therapy is a simple way to teach coping skills to deal with these experiences. Indeed, it can help them learn to communicate and process emotions. If you are looking for a way to serve the foster care community, consider donating play therapy supplies to help these children heal.

Nurturing Toys as Play Therapy Supplies

Play therapy takes average items like dolls, dollhouses, play kitchens, and toy doctor kits and allows children to play imaginatively. These are considered nurturing toys and allow children to process emotions without the pressure of talking it out. Other toys, such as Legos, balls, and toy cars, are also helpful in play therapy. Often, these toys can be donated second hand as children outgrow them.

Art Supplies

The second branch of play therapy utilizes art to help a non-expressive child process and heal. Paper, markers, scissors, and glue, as well as things like sand and small figurines, are integral to play therapy. Further, play-dough and clay are other important supplies for the expressive part of play therapy. A child who is unable to talk about trauma may be able to draw or create things that open doors of communication with a therapist.

Other Supplies

Donations like clothes and canned goods can help to meet the physical needs of children in foster care. However, donations for play therapy can meet so much more. By providing supplies that can heal the mind and the heart, these children can learn to heal from the traumas from their past. Indeed, they can learn to communicate, trust others, and grow into adulthood with healthy coping skills.

Donate Play Therapy Supplies to Help Children Heal

Donating these items will make a difference. Thus, contact us to learn more.