Donating to Foster Children Feels Better Than Paying for Storage

More than 10% of families in America are paying for a storage unit when they could be saving money by donating many of those items to foster children and families. If you’d like to help children in need and get rid of one of your monthly bills, ask yourself these questions.

Donating to Foster Children Feels Better than Paying for Storage
Diverse volunteers are in an assembly line as they pack canned food in cardboard boxes in a community food drive.

Why Did You Store Those Things?

There are times when storage makes sense, like when you’re in between apartments. On the other hand, you may regret those storage bills if you didn’t realize there were better and cheaper options for clearing out possessions you don’t use. For example, did you know that foster children and families would be very grateful for household items and musical instruments?

Is Procrastination Costing You Money?

Maybe putting things in storage was a good decision initially, but you never had any real exit strategy. As time goes on, you could be putting off making a final decision about what to do with your stuff. Donating the contents to a charity like TFI Kids Fund can solve your dilemma and help others.

Wouldn’t It Feel Good to Help Foster Children and Foster Families By Donating?

While giving your unwanted items to others in need could save you storage expenses, there are even more important benefits. You’ll be helping children and families at a moment when they’re dealing with a very difficult transition. Imagine the joy and fulfillment you’ll experience knowing that you made a difference.

We specialize in long-term residential care that often keeps brothers and sisters together. Contact us at TFI Kids Fund to learn more about how your unwanted possessions can contribute to the future of children in foster care.