Don’t Know What to Donate?

Donate - Don't Know What to Donate?

Teens are an enigma; knowing what they want and need is just as stupefying. And when donation requests run the gamut, simply knowing what items can be most useful for troubled teens can be tricky. Right now, the TFI kids fund needs those donations. Here are some ideas for items to donate to foster teens:

Donate Food

The stomach of an adolescent is deeper than the Mariana Trench. While fries, pizza, and potato chips are certainly staples in the diets of many teens, when donating, consider non-perishable goods: granola bars, dried fruits, canned goods, packaged popcorn, and water bottles, for instance.


Your time is your most valuable commodity. If you can give it, you’re offering something truly precious. There is nothing like a gentle hand or word to help guide a young person through life. If you or someone you know can spare their time, consider becoming a mentor.

Health and Beauty

There are essentials everyone needs to stay happy and healthy. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoos and conditioners, toilet paper, soap. But who doesn’t like looking their best? Brushes, combs, makeup, hand mirrors, lotion, perfume, and cologne are donation items that can help any teen shine.

Household Items

Remember that old lamp in the closet that you never use? Or the stack of books collecting dust? There are donation items just waiting in every nook and cranny of your own home–from dishware to clothes to toys, your house is a gem mine waiting to be excavated.

Art Supplies

Art is therapy and is a necessity. For any adolescent struggling to express themselves, art is a way to help them paint a portrait of who they truly are. Your local Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and craft store has just what any teen needs to unlock their creative side. Consider donating drawing pencils, sketchbooks, yarn, latch hook kits, watercolor sets, markers, tracing paper, sewing kits, scrapbook materials–to name only a few possibilities.

Find More Items to Donate

When you donate, you’re not just giving supplies or time. You’re giving a teen hope. Contact us to learn more.