3 Forgotten Donations That Foster Children Need

3 Forgotten Donations that Foster Children Need

While the children living in foster care need food, clothes, and basic self-care items, these aren’t the only items they need. These are only the most basic necessities, required to live. Like all other children, those living in foster care need items that go above and beyond the most basic requirements. Here are just three “forgotten” donations that foster children need – and that many homes already have extra of!

1. Books

Donate books of all types, from children’s picture books to young adult novels. These are, in fact, vital to a foster kid’s development. Plus, books serve two unique purposes. Firstly, they help children develop better reading and writing skills. Secondly, they allow a healthy release or “escape” from everyday troubles, which can greatly help boost foster children’s mental well-being.

2. Notebooks & Writing Utensils

Notebooks and writing utensils like pens or pencils are a versatile donation that costs next to nothing. During back-to-school time, for example, many major retailers offer deals on notebooks for just ten to twenty-five cents each. During this same time, you can find pens and pencils for $1 per pack. They can use notebooks as school supplies or as a journal. Being able to journal their feelings is a great method of coping and healing from past trauma for foster children.

3. Coloring Books & Coloring Utensils

Many homes with young children have insanely large stacks of coloring books. They may even have extras of the crayons, markers, or colored pencils that go along with them. Coloring is another way for older teens to cope with life because it allows for a concentration close to meditation. Younger children benefit from coloring because it develops hand-eye coordination and creativity.

Find More Forgotten Donations That Foster Kids Need

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