Foster Care Specialty Donations

As an agency that matches needy children with foster care since 2013, we have a keen understanding of the type of items that new foster families require when adopting children. In fact, we suggest that cash and material donations are always appropriate and helpful to our organization and the families we serve. However, we also consider our organization, TFI Kids, a community that provides support and outreach to foster parents.

Foster Care Specialty Donations

How We Help Foster Parents

We know sharing our journeys and experiences helps us through joyful and painful experiences. Not everyone appreciates the profound emotional impact this has upon foster parents, so we like to hold Foster Care Parent retreats.

Ordinarily, we would ask for monetary donations that are traceable and applicable to many business purposes. Or, we would encourage our donors to help us stock up on Back to School items. Still, for those who understand the struggles (and fulfilling moments) of foster parenting, we welcome donations to our retreats. We host an event for our parents and give them a moment to relate to each other and bond. We also want to show them how we value their commitment.

Door Prizes and Fun

At our retreats, we have a bunch of door prizes for our special parents and staff. When our parents enter our event, we like to give them gifts that they can use with their families. If you are interested in helping foster parents, we are looking for generosity and donations for the events. One item that is extremely helpful to parents is gift cards for restaurants.

Foster parents like to go out with their adoptees and often more than one sibling is placed with the same parents. As a result, we like gift cards for restaurants for them, so they can spend time together and bond with the children. It takes money to go to restaurants, so we would like to help them with some costs.

Secondly, right now we are also accepting store gift cards as prizes at the entry. Contact us for more details as to which stores we recommend. In general, we think children’s clothing stores, toy stores, and other family-friendly franchises are great choices for foster parents.

For more information about how you can donate to foster families, contact us today!