Why Foster Kids Need Play Therapy Materials

Why Foster Kids Need Play Therapy Materials

What Is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a modality of child therapy and a powerful tool that can address cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges that children face. The therapy is conducted by licensed professionals and helps children learn how to process their experiences and use effective strategies to manage their lives.

How Does Play Therapy Help Foster Children?

It can be easy for adults to forget what it’s like being a child. Children process and experience things in a different way than adults do. Thus, using play therapeutically helps adults relate to and understand a child in a meaningful way. The top five play therapy materials that professionals recommend to use are:

  • Sand
  • Cash Register
  • Board Games
  • Art Supplies
  • Kitchens and Play Food

Obviously, doctors highly recommended sand as a play material. Indeed, sand has many sensory benefits for children and can help foster children relax and let their creativity out. Sand is also helpful for children who have sensory disorders. A cash register is essential for functional and life skills. Foster children can learn how to make change, identify money, and pretend while engaging with this toy in play therapy sessions. Board games are typically used during play therapy to teach children turn-taking, social skills, rule-following, and how to be a good sport. All of these skills are important skills for foster children to learn and practice.

Art supplies are essential to play therapy for many reasons. The main reason is that it allows for creativity. You can learn a lot from observing a child create their own art. Foster children often experience things that they don’t want to share with others or find difficult to process, having art supplies can help them find a way to express these emotions and experiences with the trusted adults in their lives. Kitchen and play food can also help foster kids through play therapy by allowing them to pretend-play and practice functional skills that will be essential to them as they get older and become adults. This also initiates conversation and allows them to naturally practice social skills.

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