Gifting Grocery Gift Cards to Foster Families for Thanksgiving

Are you looking for an easy way to give this Thanksgiving Day season?  TFI Kids Fund could use your help with gift card donations for Thanksgiving Day meals.  It’s so simple,  and it goes a VERY LONG way.

Our families are celebrating Thanksgiving with their foster children and welcome all support this holiday season.  We, at TFI Kids Fund, are simply looking for grocery store gift cards for our foster care families.  You choose just how much you would like to put on the gift card.   Most local grocery stores offer cards from $10 to $100, although these may vary from store to store.  There are options to buy them online or in-store, usually at the checkout counter.

TFI Kids Fund will distribute your gift to our families.  Then, they can choose the holiday food items that they need from their local grocery stores.

Gifting Grocery Gift Cards to Foster Families for Thanksgiving

Holidays and establishing bonds

Our organization focuses on strengthening families.  Holidays are a time when family members feel connections with one another.  Traditions and the getting together for meals add that sense of a community that we want for our displaced children in the foster care system.  It’s a rare opportunity to all be together and be able to strengthen the family bond.  We would love to assist our compassionate foster families by alleviating the monetary stress.  With grocery store gift cards, those on the receiving end can meal plan and grocery shop based on their family’s preferences and diet.  Thanksgiving is an excellent time for a foster child to integrate into the holiday traditions of their family.

Who we are

TFI Kids Fund is a program caring for foster children and families in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.  We have been striving to make a difference in children’s lives since 1965.  For more information about our program, contact us today!