Give Back by Providing School Supplies to Kids In Need

Give Back by Providing School Supplies to Kids In Need

Notebooks, folders, colored pencils. This only begins to describe a usually extensive school supply list.

While the needs for classrooms continue to grow in underfunded districts, the prices of these items just continue to rise. This leaves families who are already struggling to make ends meet left with yet another obstacle when providing for their children.

Taking this to a new need level, foster families are asking for help when it comes to providing these basic school necessities.¬†The TFI Kids Fund benefits children in foster care. TFI Kids Fund was founded in 1965 and continues to have a reputation for providing services to children and families in multiple states. While their mission is “Strength of Family”, their goals include providing for children in the areas of education because they know that with education comes safety, acceptance, and leadership.

TFI specializes in long-term residential care for up to 24 children at a time. They work hard to keep siblings together as they care for their social, emotional, and educational needs.

If you don’t have a school-aged child, you might be surprised to know that that basic school supply list totals over $100 by the time you add up the essentials: Crayons, markers, glue sticks. This doesn’t even begin to touch on upper-level grades that require headphones or calculators. Just a sturdy backpack easily costs $30.

At a time when students need education more than ever, TFI Kids Fund is asking for help. There are many ways to donate. A simple way is through their website. Donors can select a one-time donation or opt for a recurring amount each month. There is also a mail-in option for donations. Another way to give is through the Amazon Smile option that asks you to simply select TFI as the benefitting partner as you shop.

As Summer transitions to Fall and kids head back to school, remember those families who may not able to provide the basics for their child’s education. No matter what amount you can contribute, it will make a difference to a child.