The Giving Spirit of the Holidays

The holiday season may be nearing its end, but this shouldn’t mean that the giving spirit needs to die with it. Carry the holiday spirit with you into the new year! 

What is the TFI Kids Fund?

TFI Kids Fund is a giving fund to support TFI Family Services, Inc. The association started off as a summer camp to help kids learn life on a farm. As it grew and created a bigger impact on children’s lives, we began to accept kids all year round. Today, we do even more than that. TFI Family Services provides care for foster children and works for smooth transitions into their new lifestyles. Priority is always given to the welfare and happiness of the children, such as keeping siblings together when looking for new homes.

Little school girl drawing with dantions for foster children as the giving spirit is year round
Little school girl drawing and studying at home.

Great! What Can I Do?

Bring your goodwill and compassion! If you live in Kansas, Oklahoma or near our Texas and Nebraska locations, you can volunteer with us to be an active part of their lives as a mentor! These kids will need reliable role models as they struggle during these difficult times.

Another option is to contribute to everyday necessities, like food, household supplies, or health/beauty products. We want to make sure our kids have everything they need to live comfortably during their stay with us. But of course, if you want to bring a little more happiness to our kids, we also accept non-essentials. Kids should be allowed to be kids no matter their situation, so toys, art supplies, and musical instruments are more than welcome.

The Giving Spirit All Year Round

The best part of giving to TFI Kids Fund is that there is no deadline! Donations, donors, and mentors can bring the good spirit inspired during the holidays to these kids any time of the year. Continue spreading the love, the cheer, and the warmth of your hearts to these kids by paying us a visit at TFI Kids Fund!