Help donate backpacks and school supplies for school

This year, the TFI Kids Fund is looking for some generous donations from our communities and sponsors as our kids get ready to hit the books and return to school. As a place offering long-term residential care and fostering kids, we know that routine is important to these kids. We believe that having our kids study the same materials as other kids across the country gives them common experiences with other kids and each other. This allows them to relate to one another.

Help donate backpacks and school supplies for school

We know that many families have been disrupted by trauma and the children bear the brunt of it. So, part of our caregiving involves providing ordinary, joyful experiences for these children. In essence, we spent the summer allowing them to learn about the great outdoors, swimming, and other activities that provide them with good memories. The kids have spent the summer playing and learning outside, but it’s time to bring that learning inside. To do that, we need help getting these kids started with some new school gear.

One of the best memories that all kids have is starting the year off with new items like backpacks, school supplies, and possibly new clothing. For many kids, going school supply shopping is exciting and gives them happiness to start a new year. For kids that have undergone changes or stress, it’s like a fresh start for them. Secondly, their school life gives them space away from their home life and any lingering trauma there. School is a chance for our kids to have hope and believe that their lives will improve.

As adults, we know that starting the school year is expensive. Supply lists can be particularly lengthy, collecting all the items can be hard, and it can add up. As a foundation, we hope to reach all these children, but rely on the support of our communities to actively help. Your contribution will help a kid in your community start school. Starting school is like one’s entrance into the community and helps kids develop character. We hope you consider donations and making a happy kid ready for school.

Thank you for your consideration and time.