How Amazon Smile Simplifies Donating to Foster Care

You’ve probably shopped on Amazon countless times without realizing they offer a charity program called Amazon Smile. By signing up to use this feature, Amazon donates a percentage of your purchase each time you shop. It’s a one-time setup; from there, the donations are automatic, and you don’t have to take any additional steps.

Did we mention it’s completely free of charge?

The products and your shopping experience are the same as if you were using the main Amazon site. There is no increase in prices or changes in product availability.

How do you set this fantastic feature up? We’re glad you asked!

How Amazon Smile Simplifies Donating to Foster Care

Simple Sign Up

If you are using a tablet, desktop computer, or laptop, you can simply type in your browser to do all of your shopping. Make sure you add it as a bookmark/favorite so that you don’t forget when doing your next Amazon run.

You can also access Amazon Smile through the Amazon app on your mobile phone. The setup is easy as 1-2-3!

You will first need to have the Amazon app downloaded to your phone. Once logged in to the app:

  1. Choose Settings from the Menu
  2. Choose the Amazon Smile option
  3. Choose your charity of choice from the extensive list. If you type TFI Family, our organization will populate, and you can choose to support us through your shopping.


An important note: Amazon Smile is not available within the app if you’re using a tablet of any kind. If you are on a tablet, you will need to type in your browser to use it or create your own shortcut to use it when shopping.

Now there’s a way you can feel good about shopping, knowing you’re giving at the same time.

You do not have to have an Amazon Prime account to this. They donate 0.5% of the eligible purchase price to the foster care or charity that you choose.

There really isn’t a reason not to use Amazon Smile. With the donations working seamlessly in the background, your shopping experience will not be impacted in any way. This is a great perk for those that may not have the money to donate but want to make a positive impact. Now you can shop and support simultaneously with the free Amazon Smile program.  TFI Kids Fund thanks you for your support!

How Amazon Smile Simplifies Donating to Foster Care