How to Donate to Foster Care for Christmas Gifts and Make a Difference

Foster care families serve such an important role in the community. When a foster family opens up their home to these children, they are providing a safe, welcoming and stable environment for one of the most vulnerable populations. Children going into foster care have unfortunately been subject to abuse, neglect or other traumatic situations. When the community helps support foster care organizations, it gives them the means to continue their mission of providing safe, nurturing childhoods for the children in their care.

How to Donate to Foster Care for Christmas Gifts and Make a Difference

Why Your Donations Matter

When a foster family brings a child into their home, they have a lot of extra responsibilities that some families do not realize. Their grocery bill suddenly increases. They may be providing clothing and school supplies, or in urgent need of baby items. They may be putting extra mileage on their car and filling up the gas tank more frequently to assist with transporting a child to visitations, and adding appointments with doctors, schools or therapists to their schedule. They may even be hoping to find a few dollars so a child placed in their home can take an enrichment class with their peers and have a bit of normalcy.

The holiday brings extra financial considerations for many families, and for foster families, it can mean a world of difference to have the support of organizations like TFI Kids. Your donations help provide Christmas presents for children who may not otherwise receive a gift at all. While a child’s physical and emotional health is always the primary concern, providing gifts for children is a way to give them back a little bit of the childhood they deserve.

Donating to Foster Care for Christmas Presents

The most practical way to donate to foster care is through monetary donations. The organization can then distribute the money according to their most urgent needs. No donation is too small – what you consider a small donation could provide fun stocking stuffers. If you or your organization is interested in providing gifts, gift cards or other types of presents during the holiday season, please reach out to discuss the best way to support local foster care families.

You can also support foster care while doing your regular holiday shopping when you shop with Amazon or Dillons, and it costs you nothing but a few extra moments to choose TFI Kids!

You can learn more about making a donation to TFI Kids, or you can contact us for more information about the services we provide and how you can help!