Ideas For Donating Sports Equipment To Foster Children

One thing that it is very important for foster children to be involved in is sports. This is something that they can do outside of school that allows them to better develop their abilities and give them something to enjoy. However, because there isn’t a lot of money put aside for this kind of thing in the foster care system, some children are not able to participate in sports. This is where donations can be incredibly helpful. Here are three ideas for donating sports equipment to foster children.

Ideas For Donating Sports Equipment To Foster Children

Donate A Year Of Dance Lessons

One great idea is to donate one year of dance lessons to a foster child. You could also include dance attire, such as leotards, tights, dance shoes, etc. This will give the child everything that they need to get started and will really help them to fall in love with dancing. This also gives them the opportunity to see what kinds of dances they like best, and what they wish to pursue.

Hockey Gear

One sport that is very expensive to play is hockey. This is often because it is a club sport, and it requires a lot of gear. However, by donating the money needed to purchase hockey gear, a foster child will be given the opportunity to try out this amazing sport. This will make it possible for them to not only learn a lot of great life skills, but will help build them into a stronger person.

Musical Instruments

Lastly, it is a great idea to give foster children musical instruments. This could be an instrument that you are no longer using, or one that you have purchased second hand. In either case, the child will be able to give this instrument new life and use it to learn how to read and play music.

To learn more ideas for donating sports equipment to foster children, or to donate today, visit us at TFI Kids Fund.