In-Kind Donations: A Simple Way To Provide New Opportunities for Foster Children

Do you have a skill or hobby you love? Consider passing that hobby on to a foster child in need with an in-kind donation. Essentially, in-kind donations are passing equipment, tools, or experiences on to foster children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have that experience.

In-Kind Donations: A Simple Way To Provide New Opportunities for Foster Children

Examples of In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations could be a physical object, or it might be an experience. Sometimes, it may incorporate both.

Let’s say you love art and have chosen to pursue it as a career. Art provides both an experience and positive coping mechanisms to foster children. You may choose to donate a year of art lessons at your favorite venue or tickets to an art exhibit at your favorite gallery. You could also donate your old easel stand along with canvas, paint, and brushes to get them started.

Perhaps your son or daughter loved playing baseball, but they’ve outgrown the sport for other pursuits. You could donate gently-used equipment that’s still in good condition to a foster child. You may have old bats, baseballs, mitts, cleats, and helmets laying around that still have a lot of use in them. If you want to take your in-kind donation to the next level, you may consider paying a year of baseball fees so a local child can afford to play. Another option is to gift tickets to a local baseball game.

Are you a music lover instead? Consider donating gently-used instruments and instructional booklets you no longer use. You may also consider paying for a year of lessons on your favorite instrument or providing tickets to orchestral productions in your area.

Make Your In-Kind Donation Today!

It’s never a bad time to make an in-kind donation to a foster child. Without your assistance, many children wouldn’t be able to share the love you experience when participating in your favorite hobby or activity.¬†Contact us today¬†for assistance in coordinating your donation.