The Infants Living in Foster Care Need Your Help Too

The Infants Living in Foster Care Need Your Help, Too

The toys and clothes that are often donated to foster children are for school-aged children, but the infants who live in foster care also need your help. Infants are expensive because they not only require additional care but also additional supplies. If you look at any sales forum or even browse through Facebook, you are likely to find people trying to sell baby items cheaply or even simply get rid of them. One fantastic alternative option is to donate these items to the infants living in foster care and the families who care for them.

Baby Shower Duplicates

When having a baby shower, people often receive duplicate items that they either return to the store or put away on a shelf and never use. Fostered infants can make use of these gifts, however, and the cost is nothing to you. It will also make you feel good to know you’ve helped another baby receive the items they so desperately need. Great examples of duplicate items to donate include baby furniture and clothing.

Unused Diapers

Babies will go through five to six different diaper sizes before they are toilet trained. When your baby outgrows a size and you have additional packages left, consider donating them to fostered infants. A typical infant will go through anywhere between six and ten diapers a day. Imagine that there are only two babies in diapers in a single foster care setting. Those two babies will use anywhere between 4,380 and 7,300 diapers in a single year!

Outgrown Equipment

Baby equipment or furniture like playpens, swings, bouncers, strollers, and car seats are always in high demand in foster care. When your infant (or toddler) outgrows any of these items, consider donating it to infants living in foster care. That outgrown equipment will get a lot of use throughout the years!

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