9 Ways to Make a Big Difference in a Foster Child’s Life With Just $5

9 Ways To Make A Big Difference in A Foster Child's Life With Just $5

Not everyone who wants to make a difference in a foster child’s life has a lot of money to do so. Don’t let that discourage you! If you have just $5, you can make a big difference in a foster child’s life. Continue reading below to learn nine great examples.

Make a Big Difference in a Foster Child’s Life With Just $5

  1. Ten cans of vegetables at 50 cents/each = $5. Allows up to four children to have vegetables with their meals for ten days.
  2. Five packs of off-brand play dough at $1/each = $5. Can entertain up to five children at a time.
  3. Five packs of 12-pencils at $1/each= $5. Purchase enough pencils for the school year for 10-12 children.
  4. Five packs of 6 ramen noodles at $1/each = $5. Gift 30 small meals (like after-school snacks or light lunches) to a foster family in need.
  5. Five notebooks at $1/each = $5. Help five children go to school with at least one notebook or set one to two children up for the school year.
  6. Two cases of 24-pack waters at $2.50/each = $5. Help provide clean water for a family of four for five to seven days.
  7. Two 3-packs of plastic cups, two 3-packs of plastic plates, and one 3-pack of plastic bowls at $1/each = $5. Help provide the basic kitchen necessities for three foster children.
  8. Five bottles of cheap body wash, shampoo, or conditioner at $1/each = $5. Help provide basic self-care supplies to foster children for up to a month!
  9. Five small cheap toys (like balls, play figures, etc.) at $1/each = $5. Help provide play items for the children in foster care.


Are you ready to make a difference in the life of a foster child or the families who care for them? As you can see, it doesn’t require much money to make a big difference! Contact us today to find out more information.