Making A Difference: How to Donate to Foster Care

A safe place to sleep. Enough food to eat. The attention of a caring adult. These are merely the simplest of comforts that children in foster care wish and hope for on a daily basis. TFI Family Services provides much-needed care and guidance to children & families in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas through a variety of programs and services. But we don’t do it alone.

Donations from caring individuals like you make all the difference in helping us achieve our goals of providing safe and nurturing homes for foster children. You don’t have to work in child welfare or even be a parent yourself to make a difference in the lives of these kids. Please consider giving support in any way that works best for you, and learn more about how your donations can benefit lives in the foster care system.

Making A Difference: How to Donate to Foster Care


When you choose to give money to a worthy cause, whether as a one-time or recurring donation, you want to know that your dollars are allocated responsibly. Our organization uses monetary donations to directly support local foster families that take in children because we know that state budgets aren’t always enough.  Your donated funds may also go to support myriad programs within our organization that help transform lives, such as behavioral health services, substance abuse treatments, and ultimately reuniting separated families.


Through no fault of their own, many foster children find themselves displaced from their lives without the familiar comforts of home. This is why physical donations like clothing, luggage, books, and toys can go a long way in bringing back some semblance of normalcy. At summer’s end, many foster families are in need of school and art supplies and don’t forget that personal hygiene supplies are gratefully accepted at any time.


We believe that all lives deserve enrichment and foster children harbor ambitions just like the rest of us. You can provide a priceless gift to a foster child in the form of new skills and experiences. This includes lessons for specific hobbies (dance, music, sports), tickets for outings (museums, movies, concerts), or gift cards that empower families to shop for their own needs.

Learn more about foster care donations through the TFI Kids Fund by visiting our website today. You can donate online or by contacting us directly.