Monetary Donations Are Worth More Than A Dollar Amount

N​on-profit organizations like TFI Kids rely on monetary donations to help children. Donations can come in all shapes and sizes, from a one-time gift to a recurring monthly contribution. Donations can also come in the form of gifts such as goods the organization needs, like computers, clothing, or even office supplies. The following are three reasons why financial contributions can be worth more than their dollar amount.

Monetary Donations Are Worth More Than A Dollar Amount

Monetary Donations Provide Support

N​on-profit organizations have a lot of needs that people may not think of. They need to pay rent or a mortgage. They have utility bills. Money is needed to get the word out about the organization. While you may think that a donation of 20 cases of diapers may be what the organization needs, what it actually could need is $100 to buy copy paper.

Staff Resources Are Used Efficiently

Donations of goods can be helpful, but they can also cost an organization. The donation needs to be physically handled and sometimes storage needs to be found. If the item is perishable, it needs to be used by a certain time, which may not be possible.

The Organization Can Get Exactly What It Needs

Donating your old computer or other items you are no longer able to use doesn’t necessarily help. If the item is old, it may not work. Non-profits don’t have the funds to fix something that may only be useful if it needs to be repaired. If you can’t use the item, chances are neither can the organization.

Children are one of the most vulnerable segments of society, so make your contribution count. A financial donation to TFI Kids can allow the organization to be able to do what they need to do, help children. That makes your contribution worth more than its monetary value. To find out how your financial contribution can make a positive difference in a child’s life, contact us and find out how you can become involved.