Summer Time Donations to Foster Children

Any partnership with TFI Kids Fund during this summer would enable us to offer quality care to our children. Your investment will be heart-felt and life-changing to the children through the empowerment of the vulnerable. Donate today and make a change in a foster child’s life. The donations will play a crucial role in funding summer camps for the foster children.

Summer Time Donations to Foster Children

Why Donate?

•    Making donations will boost your mood and empower you because you are helping others.
•    Giving solidifies your values through the power of enhancing other people’s lives.
•    Charitable actions are widely impactful to the foster kid.
•    Donating teaches you generosity, and it passes to your children.
•    When you donate, it will also encourage your allies and family to follow suit.


Advantages of summer camps for foster children

1.    Exposes the children to various experiences tailored for foster care

Through the summer camps, children won’t experience the isolating nature of a typical classroom since it would enable them to reflect on unique experiences through activities such as scrapbooking.

2.    Help in establishing social skills 

Most children in foster care lack the opportunities to participate in certain activities as their peers do. Therefore, summer camp activities can enable them to establish confidence, learn to collaborate with others, and develop new passions.

3.    It will also help the kids to celebrate special occasions they might have missed.

Siblings who were separated can celebrate their birthdays and other important holidays. They will then gift each other and make keepsakes to exchange.

4.    Exposes the kids to role models who went through foster care

The funds can also help hire counselors who went through the foster care system. It will be a plus for the children since the role models will be in a better place to understand and challenge the children and can inspire them for a better future.

Support our initiatives

TFI Kids Fund will offer various services to take care of the children in foster care, and some of these programs will require your donations. Some of the donations would be used to finance programs, including:
•    Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma foster care services.
•    Visitation and exchange centers
•    A psychiatric residential treatment facility
•    Teen Reaching Adult Independent Living Program
•    Substance abuse treatment services
We accept all types of donations, either in-kind, funds, or volunteer services, to benefit the children in any way. Feel free to contribute anything you can to help the children during the summer. In case of any clarity is needed, contact us.