Summer Vacation Ideas for Kids Donating to Foster Kids

Donating to foster kids is a wonderful way for your children to spend their summer vacation. If you’re like many parents, you’ve probably been encouraging your kids to use their extra free time to engage in rewarding activities like reading and playing sports. Here’s why helping foster kids is something you should add to that list.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Kids Donating to Foster Kids

Why Use Your Summer Vacation to Donate to Foster Kids

Giving helps the giver as well as the recipient. Your children can build their confidence, and gain a sense of fulfillment when they use their time and talents to make life better for other children who are going through a difficult stage in their lives. Plus, gratitude is a major ingredient for happiness. Your children may appreciate their own families, experiences, and possessions more when they have a chance to think about others who don’t have as much.

How to Use Your Summer Vacation to Donate to Foster Kids

There are all kinds of creative ways to provide support for our family foster services, so you are not limited to just writing a check. We welcome donations of health and beauty products, food, household items, musical instruments, art supplies, and playthings. When you’re planning family outings, maybe you want to organize a shopping trip to pick up items to donate. When your kids are browsing online, ask them to research coupons and deals, and make it a game to see who can score the biggest bargains. Encourage your children to use their personal strengths to make their gifts special. Maybe they’ll want to enclose handmade greeting cards or organize a neighborhood drive to collect donations from other families too.


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families. Contact us at TFI Kids Fund today to learn more about our family foster care services.