The Season of Giving, The Season of Charity

As the holiday season comes around once more, there are many non-profit charitable institutions to consider, including TFI Kids. As the need for a safe space for many children has grown over the years, so has the need for monetary donations of varying types.

The Season of Giving, The Season of Charity

Their website outlines the best ways to donate via mail and online, accepting various forms of payment to increase convenience.

In-kind donations are also accepted and are defined with an example on their website as: “giving a saxophone you no longer play or a dance studio gives a year of free dance lessons to a little girl who just wants to dance.”

Donations of gifts are also largely accepted and if there is an interest in knowing what the children need or want, the contact information is listed on the website to email and coordinate.  Since this organization in particular specializes in keeping siblings together as much as possible,  it would also be appreciated to find gifts that would complement those situations.

Community fundraising is another option to raise funds for TFI Kids.  Through a partnership with Amazon Smile, TFI Kids benefits greatly from your holiday shopping experience. Their website includes a link which will take you to Amazon’s website. The website also outlines how Amazon impacts non-profit organizations like TFI Kids. Those who are native to Kansas, where TFI Kids was born, may also use their Dillons Plus Shopper’s Card by inputting the organization’s name or code and will be donating every time they shop.

These donations, partnerships, and charitable contributions of all kinds make these children’s lives not only easier but well lived. So, be creative, as there are many options from which to choose.

The holiday season is not only a time of giving, but a time of charity and compassion.

With that being said, visit the website, donate whatever possible, and have a wonderful holiday season.

For more information contact us at TFI Kids Fund!