Three Of The Main Goals Of Foster Care

While foster care serves a lot of great purposes, there are a few things that are considered the “main goals” of foster care. These are the goals that help to structure the entire foster care system and make it the best that it can be. This article will discuss these goals and why they are so important.

Three Of The Main Goals Of Foster Care

Provide The Child With Safety

One of the main goals of foster care is to provide the foster children with safety. This not only takes them out of dangerous situations, but it also makes sure that they aren’t a danger to themselves. This can be done by placing them in homes where they are protected from danger and where they can receive any mental health treatment that they need.

Give Them A Stable Environment

Another important goal is to provide the child with a stable environment. Since they likely came from an environment that was incredibly unstable and didn’t provide them with much structure and consistency, this change can be huge for them. Knowing what is going to happen from one day to the next, where their next meal will come from, who will take care of them, etc., can help them to become emotionally stable.

Help To Nurture Them

Finally, the goal is to help nurture the children while they are in foster care. This is likely something that has been greatly lacking in their life, so it is very important to provide this for them. This includes things like showing the child that they are loved, caring for their emotional needs, providing them with things that help them to grow as an individual and strengthen their sense of personal identity. These things help to shape them for the future and make them better adults when they go into society.

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