Tips for donating to teenage foster children

Do you want to tailor your donations to older foster children? Like any teenager, a foster teen has needs that are different from the needs of a younger child. Here are some tips for learning what to donate to teenage foster children:

Tips for donating to teenage foster children

Ask a teenager in your life

Foster teens are still just that: teens. They are growing up, going to school, socializing with friends, and going through hormonal changes. Do you have a teenage niece, nephew, child, or family friend? Ask them to put themselves in the shoes of a foster child and think about the belongings they have that they truly couldn’t live without. It might be a Kindle so they can read their favorite books or access textbooks for school. Or maybe it’s a nice sketchbook so they can hone their art skills. The answers may surprise you, but that’s why asking someone who can relate will help you come up with unique ideas.

Think about the basic needs of all people

Teenagers are growing into young adults. Basic beauty and hygiene products like makeup, hair brushes, razors, and feminine products are perfect for older foster children. Put together a nice care package of items that includes washcloths, soap, and other health and beauty items for a foster child to enjoy. It might be the first time they’ve felt they have items all their own to pamper themselves with.

Consider hobbies

In middle school and high school, children start to develop hobbies or find one or two hobbies that they want to focus on. These could be anything from sports to painting to music. Do you have a spare basketball lying around? Sheet music or an old guitar collecting dust? An empty sketchbook or unused watercolor paints? A teenager in foster care will put these items to good use.

Still not sure what to donate? Ask us!

Contact us to find out what our highest needs are or ask if your ideas are right for teenage foster children.