What Kind of Foods Can You Donate to Foster Kids in Need?

If you want to make a difference, an easy way is to donate food to foster kids in need. This not only ensures that the children are eating well, but helps to take the financial burden off the families who provide support for them. When you’re cleaning out your pantry or taking a special shopping trip, the question of what kind of foods you can donate undoubtedly comes up. Here we provide a brief guide on which kinds of food are appropriate for donation.

What Kind of Foods Can You Donate to Foster Kids in Need?

Basic Guidelines for Food Donation
Generally speaking, the foods you donate should be non-perishables. This means that the food will remain good without refrigeration and is well within date. These types of food are usually canned, boxed, or jarred – although there may be some exceptions. The only time that frozen foods can be donated is when you are directly dropping it off at the correct place and have already received confirmation that doing so is okay.

Donations should always be unopened and still in their original containers. They should be within date range, and not expired. Any food which may go bad quickly, or which might already be bad, should never be donated.

Food Ideas
There are plenty of great foods you can donate that fall into the “non-perishable” category. A few of these include:

peanut butter or alternatives (like almond or hazelnut spreads)
jelly, jam, or store-bought preserves
granola bars
canned fruits and vegetables
canned meats (like tuna or chicken)
boxed mashed potato flakes
brown, white, or yellow rice
quick meals like Rice-A-Roni or Hamburger Helper
Ramon Noodles or similar
uncooked noodles of any kind
fruit snacks
mixed nuts or granola
dried fruit
unopened potato chips, pretzels, goldfish, and other similar snacks
For more information or to donate to foster families in your local area, contact us today.