Why You Should Be Giving Monetary Donations to Foster Care Agencies

There is always a way to help, and the foster care world is no different. There are so many needs to be met every single day that agencies are always scrambling to find the resources that foster families and foster children need. Not everyone can open their homes to foster, but everyone can find a way to help meet those needs. While there are several avenues to take to offer donations, a monetary donation is sometimes the best way to help an agency.

Why You Should Be Giving Monetary Donations to Foster Care Agencies

There are varied needs.

Each case is different. Every child needs something different, and every foster family has a different list of needed items. Item donations are in no way frowned upon, but a monetary donation opens up more possibilities and resources for the agency. A monetary donation allows the agency to quickly meet whatever needs might arise.

Unexpected expenses can occur.

Whether it’s a foster family needing a hand to deal with unexpected difficulties, or having to refill a gas tank several times in a week because siblings had to be placed across the state from each other, there are some things that pop up from time to time that simply cannot be planned for. Foster care is a fluid thing, and having the funds to deal with the unexpected can relieve stress for everyone involved.

Some needs are not tangible.

Not every child or family needs a suitcase or furniture. Some families may need help filling up a gas tank when workers cannot facilitate visits, for example. While foster families do receive a stipend, it is not nearly enough to cover all expenses, especially if a child is special-needs. Many times, a child comes into care without enough clothing. In those cases, it is far easier for an agency to give the foster family a voucher to cover the costs of new clothing.

A monetary donation is a versatile and much-needed way to help your community. While tangible donations of items are always appreciated, we encourage monetary donations so that the agency can allocate its resources in the best way possible. Contact us if you have any questions.